Tunnel Loop Bag

We Brain Chamber Polysacks is renowned Manufacturer & Exporters of tunnel loop bag as per client requirements base at Appachiwadi near Belgaum, Karnataka, India. Tunnel loop bag is becoming more popular in building trade as well as other industries sectors. Tunnel loop FIBC is latest design which has two strong tunnels provided with regular standard FIBC bag. Here benefit of tunnel loop bag is that one person can easily handle bag with help of fork lift which alternately helps to reduce man power and time for filling and handling the bag.

Our manufactured tunnel loop bag has greater demand in building construction trade to handle sand or cement also scrap materials in bulk quantity. It look same as standard FIBC but has far more fabric sewn on the sides of bag which is known as tunnel by which fork lift hand easily get fits in the tunnel to carry him and it is strong enough to carry load.

At Brain Chamber Polysacks we produce customize Jumbo Bags as per client requirements for their bulk packaging. We also provide various products like single/double loop bags, conical FIBC, ventilated FIBC, container liner bags, cross corner bags as per needs and industrial requirements.